Saturday, May 06, 2006

A nice picture I made

Have been in the office all day (after my lie in till 11.30) doing various tasks.

Did some coding, did some lego and drew this in Photoshop:Mail/PM/write/postcard me with comments. I'm quite proud of it so be nice!

Gonna get something fatty to eat. Maybe a burger. Yeah you can see where that's going.

Probably watch a film tonight depending on whether or not I can lower my standards to Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Go Team Aniston/Jolie!) or pay attention enough to watch Garden State. Decisions decisions!

Speak to you tomorrow!



joel said...

dude - nice! is that Cherry? if so, I'm guessing Jess will want a print of it :)

great job though. did you just miss your Wacom and decided to come in?

Kevin Park said...

yeah, thats Cherry alright. Points for recognition.

I love my Wacom pad. But I get pretty bored over the weekends so I usually come ine. Plus I get free Ramen and Soda!

Now alls I have to do is print this sucker...

Mariana wants to comment =) said...


and hey i also knew it was cherry, i want my recognition points, even though my recognition was based in the file name =P

dude i've been working a lot on some pictures to send to apply for a NYC photo school and last night @ 4 am i was washing a print of your family =) you're gonna get one of those

soon i hope :D

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