Monday, May 08, 2006

Lower Ears

It's not yet 10pm here in Seattle on Sunday evening so I've only been up about 10 hours, but in the time a few things have happened! Nothing that interesting so you may aswell not read... nah I'm only kidding, like you've got anything better to do.

I got up about 12pm after reapeatidly falling back to sleep. I didnt get that late a night (only Southpark repeats to keep me ammused til midnight) so I'm theoretically ok for a relatively late night tonight and still stand for an early morning. However as we all know, that will probably never work.

After I crawled out of bed and had a shower and self sacrifice shave, I decided to try out my devious plan to get 'cheap laundry'. I dragged a nearly full luggage bag to the extended stay hotel across the highway in the hope they had a laundromat service. Apon arrival I learned that they only let guests use the service, so in my best British accent I told the lady that I didnt have access to a washing machine else where and was caught a bit short. Obviously swayed by my charm (or the smell of the laundry bag) she let me use their Laundromat. It was also a good way of ridding $4 of quaters I had collected. Oh how I missed my first year of Uni, sat staring at a rumbling washer and dryer for nearly an hour. Admitadly in Uni I could go off else where and come back, but I was stuck in this stuffy room for ages. I had brought a paper and that kept me occupied for all of 30 minutes. Eventually I took my clothes when they were 98% dry. In retrospect I should have stuck it out for 10 extra minutes, but I was that bored.

So having killed about two hours of the day thus far I had a few minutes to lay out my dried clothes and find them homes before room service wanted to clean. I went in to the office to keep my self out of the maids way, and also to play with lego and eat cookies. About an hour later Jess picked me up and we went out to Seattle to have a meal with Joel, his wife, Mickey, their daughter Sydney (see cute baby photos) and a group of their friends. It was an interesting Italian place that served huge portions designed for sharing. I shared a pretty good raviolli and had plenty to eat. The service wasn't fantastic which was a bit of a shame as it was good aside from that.

After having been there for well over two hours we managed to get the bill and Jess, Mickey, Sydney, Joel and I went back to Mickey's parents house where Mickey's mum cut my hair for me. She actually had her own little salon in her house which Joel said she uses to cut the hair of (verb?) some of the regulars whom she used to cut for when she worked in a retirement home. That was a hard sentance. Anyway, I'll have to sort something out with Joel to say thankyou. I might even take requests for photoshop paintings!

So after having my hair cut and a tour of the house (including Joel's 10 foot cinema display hooked up to his modded XBox *drool*) Jess dropped me back at the office so I could pick up my laptop and head home! A rather succesful day on the whole.

But I did miss Simpsons, two Family Guys and American Dad. Might have to get someone in the office to download them for me...

In other news Fulham finished 12th overall in the Premiership. Nice to know you're team is the 12th best team in the country! Looking ahead this week, I have a few things booked. Tomorrow is 'work your backside off' day in order to get everything sorted for the next day. Tuesday I believe we'll be hitting Dick's Burger joint again for some ridiculously cheap and incredibly good burgers (might get two!) and Wednesday I'm going to the Mariners game with Jess to eat lots of fast food. Apparently theres a steak joint that sell $8 bags of cubed broilled steak on the way in! How cool is that!? The downside to this is that Wednesday is my last full day in the office and I'll have to skip the afternoon to go to the game. So everything has to be ship shape before I leave.

I've got my confirmed flight details back in the office. I think I'm leaving Thursday afternoon to arrive Friday morning. I'll check.

Speak to you tomorrow!



Jennifer Aniston said...

In other news of interest, BBC Dave had his retirement shindig last night. Gutted I couldn't make it. Haven't heard anything of it so I'm guessing it was that good :) Second of all, Rachel a girl I lived with in Uni for two years has moved out to Spain... as in moved moved. Not gap year in the sun moved, but now permenant residence there. Pretty exciting really.

Thomas More said...

The only thing I ever regret is missing a Simpsons episode. I mean, there is no good news that can take the “bad feeling” away – even if my client says that I am the best at providing High Quality Article Writing Service, it won’t make me happy - it will, any other day, but not on days I haven't watched Simpsons.