Thursday, May 04, 2006

Missed a day

Sorry there was no post yesterday. Did I even post on Tuesday? I can;t remember... oh I did cus I was out on Monday and I told you all about that. Ok, so there was no post yesterday (wednesday). Me and Jason went out for a 'few' drinks last night. We ended up seeing a really good band in alocal bar. So it was pretty successful night on the whole! That day I also learnt that I am staying for my fifth and final week in the US.

I'm sure you're all really bored of hearing me hear gow long I'm stayig here, I know the Hotel operator is looking worried that I may never go home. But I am booked to get on a flight next thursday afternoon, so I'll be back in England on Friday!

I've been given a new role again in the company. I'm beginning to wonder if they think I don't have enough to do, but anyway they've now appointed me as a deputy server guy. So The guy currently incharge of the servers, network and IT will have to try and train me over the next week so I'm a suitable back up for him should he ever be unavailable. Tomorrow I'm also planning on writing software for the Symbian Operating System. Which should be fun!

Today was a long day. Work was broken up with Guitar Hero and lunch, and we also found a pogo stick (so sorry to anyone who's in the office below us). Later in the day we watched the new Southpark and then had a quick beer in the local bar. After that a few of us went to the mall where I spent some money ($40) on Lego. So tomorrow I get to build a cool submarine, as well as some phone software!

I've got leftover lunch for dinner tonight. We went to Mediterrainian Kitchen ("Med Kit") for lunch and by the food portions are just massive, so after making a 'dent' in it, I had the rest boxed up. I think the reason why none of us could eat particularly much was because it was so warm out today. I hear that it's unbearably hot in London, but we're getting some nice warm weather here. Very shirts and shorts.

Well there's plenty going on here but I don't particularly want to bore you all with details. But if you're lucky you might get a big post this weekend (if I'm bored).

Sports Section:
I CANNOT believe Fulham lost to Sunderland. Thats their first home win of the entire season, and our millionth away loss. I'm realy disappointed cus we had half a chance of finishing in the top half if we cleaned up at the end of the season and had some good luck in other results, but that's out the window.

I'm going to see a Mariners baseball game next week (on Wednesday) which should be good fun, and hopefully they'll get a half decent result, I'll try and get a pregame prediction up here by next week!

Well I'll post again tomorrow and hopefully let you know what I'm up to over the weekend!

Bye for now!



Christ John said...

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