Tuesday, May 02, 2006

UK Reprezentin'

Well I'm posting at 8.30 in the evening here in Bellevue. We've had the first day of good weather since Friday; I could even wear a shirt out to get coffee this morning. I was pretty late in this morning as I had a spectacular hang over. This in turn was due to the fact that Jason 'fancied a pint' last night.

It was quite busy in the office yesterday and it was nearly impossible to get out at the end of the day to go to the bar. Jason(MD-EMEA), Jim(VP-Sales), Bob(CEO) and I(JnrSE-EMEA) went to 'Trader Vics', a restaurant in the center of Bellevue. The closest thing we would have to one of these would be a 'Jim Thompson' Thai restaurant. All kinds of stuff on the walls, badly themed Polynesian stuff. Cocktails in fake coconuts. Waitresses in Hawaiian Shirts. That kind of stuff.

We stayed there for one drink (funnily) and went to 'McCormick and Schizzles' (Can't remember the name but it started with McCormicks). We met up with Blane and Kev there, had some bites to eat, and a few more beers. Jim and Bob took off shortly afterwards so the remaning four of us went to Daniels for some expensive drinks. Eventually that place was kicking out so we went to a 'dive' bar across town called 'The Goose' and played darts and pool. Needless to say libations were flowing throughout the night.

As you can imagine by this point, the four of us were sober, collected and properly annunciating our conversations over whether Don Giovanni can be considered a hero in the literary sense.

This morning I woke up with a nose bleed at 9am. The neighbor was reading their paper too loudly and the housekeeping maid was driving a John Deer tractor down the hallway. The shower was both too hot and too cold and my toothbrush tasted of bourbon whiskey (thanks to Jess' dad, I now know the difference between a bourbon and a Scotch). I gracefully walked to the office for just past 10am. Blaine and Kevin weren't in then oddly enough.

Joel, Blaine, Jess and I went to Fatburger for lunch today, so I managed to get some stodge in me to keep me going a few hours. Nothing exceptionally amazing happened today except that we had a 45 minute meeting in which I learned that the chair I was sitting in has a lever for adjusting the back rest. I also learned later this day that yesterday was no fluke, I really am bad at Guitar Hero.

I listened to The Kooks album today and have to admit that its not too bad. I really have to buy more music. Stoopid missing Debit Card.

So it's pretty late here now and I'm bemusing the cleaner as I'm pretty much the only one left in the whole office block.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more of my learning experiences!

-Kevin "I'm never drinking alcohol again" Park


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