Monday, April 17, 2006

What I have to put up with...

Just before I finish today (there's another post below, read that)

These are the people I work with. Kevin Allen is in the blue and white hooped shirt, Dave P is the other guy.

This is what they do when we go out for coffee *hangs head in shame*



Mariana wants to comment =) said...


are they truly serious about it or are they making fun of parkour?

or maybe they're just beginners? or maybe they believe they're pros? or maybe they just want to embarrass you on your way to the coffee? =P

the video is so funny, where did you get that music??

Kevin Park said...

I wouldn't insult them :p they read this blog and take their Parkour very seriously. Dave in the shorts in fact recieved second place in a Parkour tournament held for workers in our office block. They train most days to perfect the inch perfect jumps and choregraphed routines.

Or they could just be taking the mic, I don't know.

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