Monday, April 17, 2006

ickle baby girl

Joel (or more specifically his wife) had a baby girl on Saturday who is named Syndey Anna Telling, 8lbs and cute. Unfortunatly the only pic so far is a pic Joel took, sorry. Davep, Tim, Blaine, Jess and I went to visit them in the hospital today. Most of us decided not to hold the baby, except Jess. Tim and Dave have both had multiple kids in the same maternity hospital. As we all piled in to Tim's "station-wagon" (that's an estate to us lot), Jess pointed out the best way to the West side of the hospital was to go down this road and that, to which Tim replied "I've had three kids here with eight false alarms each, I could drive right there with my eyes closed". It was quite funny having two well experienced fathers there. They came out with all sorts of questions and facts: "Do they still do those cakes in the daddy waiting room?" and "I see they've changed the wall paper at last".

It wasn't 10 minutes after we got back from our baby trip that we went out for lunch. The Cool Kids went to Pho! and the other Cool Kids went for a Thai. I went with the cool kids to Pho! (Will, Davep and Me). Theyve had a price hike... it's now $7.50 for lunch and tea... outrageous.

I know it's going to be super busy tomorrow cus Kev's working on a pretty big check in (that's when you submit your work, which means the next build will behaive differently). So when that's cleared up tomorrow, I'll be left with a brand new build to abuse. I've pretty much planned out what I have to write, it's just a matter of making pen to paper, or keystoke to script file... the first one sounds better.

Jess has lent me the DVD of 'March of the Penguins' narrated by Morgan Freeman. Damn Region One DVDs, I'll have to rip that tonight. The good part of all this is that I can rip these DVDs, give them back the next day, watch them anytime while I'm here and then burn them when I get back to the UK! But still should be fun to watch.

She seems to be making the news today, but Jess also baked brownies for everyone in the office. They're really good and people keep stealing them all. Good job she made two batches! We had two people come in for interviews today and they looked quite impressed at a small office with nerf fights and brownies :)

I really have to get an early night today. Was up a bit late this morning. I much prefer getting up early nowadays. Don't know if thats a good thing or if it means I'm getting older. I might get in stoopidly early one day a build that damn flat packed cupboard they've left adjacent to my cubicle. They know they cant leave those things about without me building them. I better not in case it's being used somewhere else or being returned :p

Ok, enough babbeling!



Mariana wants to comment =) said...

the baby is cute!!! (though the blanket caught my eye =P)

and just one thing, homer-like: "mmmmmm, brownies!" =)

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