Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Sunday

Wow, I've had a long day. Never seemed to end! I got up early and rang my parents who had my aunt and cousins over (don't know if Uncle Allie was there?), and got some lunch from Safeways. I even went out for a 2 hour "stroll" in the afternoon. All before it was 2.30! So I've been reading my book, playing on my PC game I brought with me. Unfortunatly I've gone and nearly completed the game, so I might get bored soon!

No new Simpsons or Family Guy tonight. Bit of a disappointment. Had to rip the 'Unleashed' DVD to avoid wasting two conversions of my DVD drives region (you only get 5). If this was the highlight of my day you can tell how my day was :p

So I'm gonna get an early night tonight for an early start tomorrow. I have to start programming again, so I have to get my logic hat on! Takes a while, think it might have shrunk in the closet!

Aside from that there's no real news. Brian, my boss, has kindly agreed to give me a pay advance to avoid me starving (he reads this blog so I have to be nice!).

Might go for Pho! tomorrow... Mmmm.

Speak to you all tomorrow!

-The rev. Kevin Park


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