Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gotta see the funny side...

Work yesterday barely happened. I managed to get a load more of the monotonous task out of the way, hopefully I can automate the rest :S We went to 'Medeterainan Kitchen' for lunch, the place that sells the huge portions of food. It was good food, and worked out at $10 a head. When we got back I got some more work done but it wasn't too long till DaveP and Tim had given up and were handing out beers. So the rest of the afternoon digressed in to silly conversations and we were all out of there by five or six. Me and Blaine went to Whole Foods and got dinner at their hot food buffet, and then Blaine gave me a lift back to the hotel. So I was back in my room by 8.

I got an early night and was lying in bed watching a film on my laptop with my head phones on. I heard some knocking on my door and decided I wouldn't answer it as I'd have to get dressed and I wasn't expecting anyone. The room service porters usually take two or three goes to find the right door, so I didn't want to have to get out of bed to tell them that. So I played dead and let them work it out. Soon enough they'd given up and I'd fallen asleep.

Well today I've got up after a lie in and watched some TV and eventually brought myself to get washed and dressed to face the outside world. The outside world was raining so it wasn't to pleasent, but I walked to the mall anyway. I thought I might be able to go and buy some odds and sods but it was busy and I was too hungry. I got something to eat in Tully's coffee eventually, I'm still avoiding sitting alone in resteraunts. I had a wander around Safeways thinking they might have opened a 'Cold Meals That Magically Heat Themselves' section in the last few days but they hadn't. I even went in to CompUSA afterwards thinking I might buy something expensive and entertaining. I got a $15 DVD instead.

Having realised I've wasted a good couple of hours wandering around doing nothing and having bought nothing, I decided to call it quits and headed back to the hotel. It was only when I got in to my room I realised my Debit Card was missing from my wallet! The last time I used it was when I got some money out from the mall on Thursday. I've just bought a international phone card today so I found Natwest's number and rang them up striaght away and got my card cancelled within 5 minutes of realising it was missing. It was only when I was talking to Emma at Customer Care, explaining I needed my card sent to a different branch, when I realised: I would have noticed it was missing everytime I wentin and out of my room as I keep my key card next to my Debit Card. And it could have fallen out when I was at my room door... and if it had fallen out... some one would have found it outside my room... and would have knocked on my door to return it.

So when I regain enough self esteem to go to the front desk and ask if one has been handed in, I'll have to pretend I never heard them knocking last night.

Thankfully I should be able to get a Cash Advance from the company to cover me till I get back. Well it will certainly cap my spending at least! So I'm going to have two weeks with out my own money to spend on stuff. So there goes my chances of putting on substantial weight!

I'll keep you all updated.

-Kev "Stupid Boy" Park

PS: No word on Joel's baby