Friday, April 14, 2006

All Change

Today really feels like a comletely new start for various reasons. Nothing has changed work wise, so I still have the monotonous tasks to do (which I am very easilydistracted from) . However we have new desks, and I've been clothes shopping.

The new desks were put in from 5pm to 7pm, in which time I went out to the mall. I had a really long walk around and looked in to various clothes stores but they're all a bit trendy and expensive. Eventually I went in to a department store, which is much easier for blokes. As DaveP pointed out, he just goes in to department stores and says "I need some clothes that fit me" and let them do the rest. I had a good wander round and decided on a shirt, t-shirt and (Dum DUM DUUUUM!) A Pair Of Jeans. That's right, I am currently wearing a pair of dark blue denim jeans for the first time in nearly 10 years. I think they look ok, and they're also very comfortable. Unfortunatly they're designed to look as though I've worn them every day of my life as a clumbsy mechanic who washes his jeans in a basket of rocks. But they're comfy. So now all I need is a new pair of shoes and a decent jumper. Don't know if I'll be keen on running out and spending more money very soon.

I also bought a book (!) from Barnes and Noble. I spent a good hour or so wearing out the carpet in the ailes. Eventually I found the 'Staff Recomendations' section and one of the staff reviews was very cheerfyl about a book Called 'I am the meesenger' by Markus Zusak. It's pretty interesting and well written so far, if not a little bit too simple. But I think the plot is supposed to be twisty enough to make up for the short words. It's quite a big book aswell so it should keep me entertained for at least a week.

Mum and Dad will have to tell Greg: They don't sell Football caps outside of the season, so I couldn't get him a Pats hat. But I did get him a t-shirt which I'm sure he'll like.

I guess the most interesting thing that happened yesterday at work was lunch (as usual). Joel, Tim, Jess and I drove all the way in to Seattle to go to Dick's Drive in Dinner, in the center of the University of Washington (pron: "Yew-Dubb") district. It's a car park with a tiny Burger Bar in the middle. There's no seats, you either eat it outdoors standing under they're overhang, or you get back in your car. And the best part about it is the burgers cost about $1. We'll I had the supreme burger which cost $2.20, with a dollar-thirty fries, and a $1.70 shake. In fact thats pretty much all they have on the menu. And as a bonus, the fries are actually cut potatos deep fried. They pretty much make it in front of you. It's all fresh out of the grill/frier/shake mixer.

Oh, actually I lied. The most interesting thing that happened yesterday was Joel's last day. At the time of writing he is in the hospital with his wife who is expecting they're first baby. We'll be getting hourly updates I believe, so I'll post tomorrow to let you know weight/sex/health etc.

I've just spoken to Brian, my boss, and he tells me due to the fact that some other dealines are slipping and we'll have more time to work on some software, I may be able to stay here for an extra week. Nothing certain yet, but I'll let you know.

Almost 11 now. Spent all morning setting up my desk and going out for breakfast. Have quite alot of work that I would like to have done before the weeks out, so I'm gonna get on with it. Should be going out for small drinks tonight, but we'll see how that goes.

Wave for Annabel who had her last day at x-taster today!

Speak to you all tomorrow,