Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well I've spent my last fifty bucks. Diane (The lady who's in charge of... everything) has given me $20 for today and I'm getting $200 tomorrow. Can't be spending it on clothes, that's got to last me till next week on food and drink (and drink)! But at least I won't starve.

We've had quite an eventful day in the office today. I managed to get in early today, which took quite alot of energy. We had a girl in today for an interview which was slightly embarressing! We found her MySpace website and were having a browse before she turned up. As we were all reading through she turned up around the corner, which was a bit awkward to say the least.

We went to a new Japanese resteraunt which has opened up around the corner. It was really nice in there, obviously thrown alot of money in to it. Wasn't too keen on the food cus I've had sushi about three times in the last week and I'm kinda sick of the sight of it (!). Anyway, wasn't too expensive.

I'm two steps shy of moving in to one of the empty offices this week to get some work done. It's not so much the distractions where I am, I just need more concentration. Still, all on track.

Speaking of which, I've got alot to catch up on. When I get some out of the way maybe then I'll post sopmething witty or amusing.

By the way, I hope you all ike the changes I've made to this site. Taken me a while to write it in my spare time.




Mariana wants to comment =) said...

i like the changes =D it looks much nicer than before, it's just better.

but my bored self is now sleepy so i'll save my comments for the next visit =)

see ya!

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Anonymous said...

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