Monday, April 10, 2006

Back in the Office

Morning y'all,

I've made the great return to the office. and my little desk area is just as I left it except with the addition of an exercise.. erm.. rack. One of those all-in-one pull up bars, with elbow supports for crunches... Anyway looks like a torture device and its blocking my view of Bellevue centre :( May get moved soon.

Brian's put a big poster of London outside my office on my cubicle wall... it shows an old red phone box with the houses of parliment in the background by night. I wonder if that telephone box exists... certainly doesnt have the flurescent 'local amenity enquiry' cards stuck to the wall.

Looks like I'm going to be pretty busy these coming weeks. I've got a few outlines explaining what I've got to do. Looks quite tough. Anyway, I've got plenty of time, as it's not like I'll be off anywhere soon!

Have to go to Safeway's today at some point to get a new razor, a toothbrush and some milk. Might even get myslef a new jumper as I think I left my favorite olive green jumper back home (D'oh!)

Right well I better go get to work! I'll post again hopefully witha picture of something interesting!