Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day Two


I've successfully managed to make it in to work fo the second day without being run over or deported. So not much can really go wrong from here! Yesterday went very smoothly. We had a few high priority issues to smooth over which I feel has gone swimmingly. And now thats mostly out of the way it gives me the remainder of my stay to build up some more knowledge and get down to some hand rubbingly good stuff. But there is a more important issue!

All of the dev team have invested in personal security. In these times of competition in downtown Bellevue, software engineers are in a kill or be killed envirnoment. Patents for code use and technology white papers are the new illegal drugs. Trade secrets and inside banking are the new 'benjamins'. Even within these glass walls on the sixth floor of Bellevue Centre, the dev teams are at war with each other over teritory and office domination. Lukily, I escape this war zone in the slums of the office out on the South East side. But when I go to get a coffe, theres no escaping the shootings.

Many a time I've seen inanimate objects and people alike, shot down with foam nerf bullets, undiscrimatly fired from every office cubicle. Even I have been hit in the upper back just below the shoulder blade... You know, that part you can scratch with one hand but not the other... luckily I wasnt a flat polished surface so the foam dart didnt stick. Otherwise things could have been much worse. It is in these times of desperation that one wonders to themselves: "Where can I get a Nerf gun, and how much do they cost?" I need to buy a god fearing nerf gun to protect the EMEA section of the office!!

And I've also bought some expensive toiletries! Gillette Fusion Power razor $13. Its a FIVE bladed razor, with an extra blade on the back for small areas. Don't think they sell them in England yet. I also got an extra pack of 4 blades for $14 and a the Gillette fusion hydroactive sensitive gel for $4. I also got a toothbrush and two pints of milk. That razor is increddibly sharp, and does that wobbly thing when you press the button which scares the bejesus out of me.

Wow thos post has taken me hours to write, keep getting distracted.

I gotta get back to work, hope I havent missed too much out, I'll try and get back to notmal tomorrow!



Mariana wants to comment =) said...

i took a look at the gillette and it looks quite scary!

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