Sunday, April 09, 2006

Safe Arrival

Hello Everyone,

I landed in Seattle at about 6pm, didnt have to go through any security as I did that all in Vancouver. Weird thing was that I never touched Canadian soil, America seem to own half the terminal so as far as they were concerned, the second half of my flight was internal.

The second flight was 30 mins in the air, enough time to do the sudoku in the back of the in flight magazine. The plane sat 50, was the size of a shoe box, only one crew staff and two propellas. The plane was so old it was made before reclining chairs, window shades and the concept of hand baggage exceeding the size of a coat and hat. Still it was reassuring to see someone put my checked in luggage on the same plane as me. Air Canada dont have a great luggage history.

I'm gonna come clean... I've already been for a Fatburger. I checked in to my hotel (its like a home away from home), dropped my bags in my room and went out for some heavy duty burger. It didnt stand a chance!

Bellevue's changed a bit. The Police station across the road is gone, and that site that will become a super Safeway and apartments is already levelled and ready for foundations. Cant imagine what it will be like in a year.

I'm gonna head off now, Family Guy will be on in a minute :D And I need some rest obviously... Although I think i slept alot on the plane... anyway, night!


Mariana wants to comment =) said...

but you can't compare sleeping during a flight to sleepin in a bed!

(you could also say you can't compare sleepin in 'a bed' to sleepin in 'your own bed', but that depends, not everyone has a lovely matress with lovely sheets) =P

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