Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Haven't got a whole load to report today. I've had my oatmeal this morning so I should be bursting full of energy. And I didn't stop for coffee either! So hopefully I'll be able to eat more healthily and drink less caffine for the second half of my stay in the US. Worth a try anyway.

Dave, Kev, Lisa and I went to Fries Electrical Store out of town yesterday afternoon. Kev 'needed' to buy two light guns and "a game where you shoot either vampires or zombies". So it was reason enough for the four of us to go browse the DVDs. Lisa had to keep her hands in her pockets in case she bought a new 40" Flat Screen TV for the Superbowl. We encouraged her (hehe). We were discussing pedestrians and drivers on the way back, and everyone admitted that seeing a person walking by the road in Bellevue was generally a reason for concern. Most drivers would believe you'd run out of 'gas' or fallen out of a plane over the possibility that you were using your legs as transportation. Especially if you were carrying a laptop bag, a rucksack and some shopping... they think you're a religious nut.

Safeway still thrives over here. It's the same Safeway as we used to have. As in it still has that really old 'S' symbol we had in the UK ten years ago. They have two prices on everything: one for people who exist only in a fragment of reality, outcasts of society, shadows of humans with no feelings, opinions or soul; and another price for people who have a clubcard.So feeling ripped off and cheated, I stormed out of Safeway this morning with my oatmeal and chocolate milk, only to find out everyone in the office and their dogs have safeway clubcards.

Gonna lay low today. I have plenty of work to do and I know people need me to do work for other departments. So if I play this right, everyone gets everything they want, and I won't get overworked.

Think we're going out for Sushi for lunch today. Might be expensive!



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