Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Early morning


I've wheeled myself in to work early again. Theoretically I'll come in later and later every day of the week until I'm on time, then next Monday I'll be an hour early etc. I have a few weeks to test this theory so it should be solid by then.

As I was on the way out of the office last night, Daniel turned up, so I wasn't the last person in, nor responsiable for any locking up procedures there may be. As promised and probably to the disliking of my mum I went to Fatburger. Was very good. T.V. left a lot to be desired so I got an early night.

This morning, as a break from the Norm, I didnt go to Tullies Coffee shop, instead I went straight to work where I have made myself my own darn coffee. Heated up half a mug of milk, then added coffee. It tastes exactly the same as from the shop so bang goes there trade.

I think I might be on a roll with the programming here. And I'm picking up the code pretty quickly. So I'm going to carry on with that today and we'll (Me and Jess) will be learning how to do some more advanced testing later on. So shouldnt be forced to write personal statements or take up my knitting again.

Yup. Kinda bored now. I'll spare you my boredom.