Monday, January 23, 2006

Hello again.

This is the second post I have made today, so be sure to check out the earlier one below if you haven't already done so.

The company asked me to write "a bit about myself" to send to everyone in the company, inlcuding Jason who seemed pretty miffed to recieve it. Unfortunatly for him and every other unsuspecting person in the company, it was sent to "All" so you all have to read it whether you like it or not :p Additionally employees should have all sent one at some point so I wanna read them! Best ones go on to the blog!

For the rest of you, here's the only bit worth reading:

Music wise it wouldn’t be fair for me to single out one genre that I listen to. I do like Rock music over most other varieties. For example my favorite song is Tortured Soul by Probot. However don’t be surprised if you hear Django Rheindhart or any other 1930’s swing music emanating from my corner.

My hobbies aren’t limited to computing. I have supported Fulham Football Club since I was six years old and I intend on following them for the rest of my life. Having only come back from University, I haven’t yet found time to join any sports teams or outside clubs, however I plan to take up American Football again and also continue my Scouting Career as a leader. I can also knit, but so can Lisa.

I’m an avid comedy fan. By this I don’t mean I roll on the floor laughing watching Friends. I enjoy watching Marx Brothers films and generally witty humor, as found in spoof films and stand up comedians. I have an innate ability to remember dialogue from Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Marx Brothers and Monty Python. How I remember so much of this material is a mystery to both myself and anyone who’s ever tried teaching me French. If anyone else has enjoyed watching any of these programs, I’m usually quite prepared to re-enact entire episodes.

There you have it. The second most productive thing I've done all day. The most productive thing being gaining an additional 50% knowledge in what I'm doing here *score*

It's 7pm here and I think I'm the only one left in the office... I'm going back to the hotel to sleep. Wonder if there's anything to eat on the way home... oh! FatBurger!

Gonna go get nice and fat.



kev_in_bellevue said...

PS. I found the coloured text button in case anyone was wondering!

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