Monday, January 23, 2006

lets get this over an done with

In case you've been living under a rock, or outside the United States (which to Americans is much the same thing), there is the small (!) matter of an American Football result to deal with: If you reeeeeally dont care about Seattle, read past the text in Seahawk blue...


This is the biggest thing to happen to the Emerald City's football team since its creation back 30 years ago. In fact this is the first time they have ever made it to the playoffs (these are the championship games for the 8 highest ranking teams in the US, who go through knock out stages to win there respective Confrence titles and the right to play in the Superbowl). So Seattle are the NFC champions. 'We' beat the Carolina Panthers 34-14, and their two scores were lucky. The game aside (I won't bore you with the details) the atmosphere all over the city is amazing. The team prides itself on "The 12th Man", which stands for the crowds effect on the game. The Qwest stadium is the loudest stadium in the NFL, with a noise of 120Db on the field (the equivilant of a jet going over head). This makes it nearly impossible for the opposition to communicate, which leads to false starts, misguided plays and an array of other penalties in the Seahawks favour. The number 12 shirt has been reserved for the crowd, so no one in the team can wear that number, much like no one in the Broncos can where the number 7 after John Elway. Paul Allen, the chairman of the Seahawks and co-founder of Microsoft hoisted the number 12 flag to the top of the Stadium Mast before the game, and even the Space Needle has a giant 12 flag at the top. It is an amazing buzzing atmosphere in Seattle right now.

Ok, if you skipped straight here, you probably should read the blue bit, its nothing to do with football, its just about the supporters. Either way, this was the highlight of the weekend, aside from walking all the way round Bellevue in search for a laundrette (in vein) with a duffel bag of washing for two hours on Saturday. I ended up watching lame films on Saturday night on Cable. Nothing exciting at all. On Sunday I had a lie in, went out for a McDonalds, had a look at the new iMacs and then booked a cab to go over to the old Steel Pig in North Seattle. Damn expensive to get there, but the atmosphere is second only to being at the game. I went straight home after the game as I didnt fancy a whole night out. I got an early night instead.

This morning I went out to Safeways and bought a loaf of bread, butter and some sandwich meat. Its disgusting. I sympathise for the Americans if they have to eat this bread regularly. Its like that nasty Danish bread that rips when u look at it. The 'meat' brings a whole new meaning to the word suspicious, and the butter may aswell be packaged in an aerosole can. Worst sandwich ever.

I'm having to write a personal statement so everyone in the company can say that they know me like a soul mate I guess. It started out being an official statement of my life history, and ended up being a rambling musing on my likes and dislikes. I did however have the decency of removing the SmashHits! questionnare section:

My favorite colour is Purple,
My favorite Number is 24,
If I could be any animal I'd be a Duckbilled Platypus
If my life were a film I'd be played by Chuck Norris

I'm going to do Rose a favour and not talk about food. Makes for a shorter post I guess.

I'll post again if anything comes to mind.

Seahawks for the Lombardi Trophey!


PS. Congratulations for the Sharks beating the Whales in the old boys game. Would have loved to be there.

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