Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm just finishing breakfast part deux (this time it's personal) with toast and my Starbucks Threatening Coffee after my Oatmeal. The aim today is to make sure all of the unit tests are 100% or at least make sure they all run. Jess is feeling under the weather, dunno if that'll effect her work, cus she usually works pretty damn quick.

Well I suppose the big news came last night in a meeting where it was decided that I should be sent to Barcelona for a few days leading up to the 3GSM confrence to make sure everything goes smoothly technical wise. The confrence starts on the 13th Feb so I should be there from the 11th I guess. Which means I still have 15 days in the US.... thats a fortnight. OK, I am going to have to start thinking long term now and buy myself some music.

Sushi yesterday was let's say an experience. The waitress must have thought it was all her Christmasses and Birthdays at once when Dave started ordering. I think it's generally viewed in the UK that Sushi is an expensive appetiser available from the top floor of Harvey Nicks. So at $7 a dish (containing 8 small rolls) it was kinda the same price. But to make a meal of it, you would usually buy 3 or 4 dishes here and pig out. I got three dishes that sounded like they had cool names. Linda and Kev both got 4 dishes, and Dave tried to order 6 dishes and two side orders but they couldn't believe he could eat 50 pieces of raw fish and rice. So he cut his order down to a modest 5 dishes. Thats 40 pieces of Sushi at just under a buck a piece. And he ate it all! And some of mine. So the four of us having spending an average of $30 a head left satisfied, and the owners could probably close up for the week.

Im supposed to end this on a cliffhanger...



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