Friday, January 27, 2006


I'm posting a little later as the office has been in disarray this morning as we are relocating. At the moment we are in a little box shaped beige and tan building on the second floor. There are some semi professional pictures of the current office but Joel's got em and he's in Hawaii. So I'll post the good ones when they get here. The new building is about 25 stories high and is a completly dark blue galss structure. Very cool. I'll take a picture of it the next day its sunny.

I got in after 9 today as I had to make arrangements with the front desk of the hotel to stay longer and I also had to go to the Pharmecy to buy nail clippers. After I wrestled to get the Internet working in the morning, it was almost 10 so I had to go to a meeting. The meeting lasted an hour so I missed the coffee run. We got lot's sorted in the meeting and I had a bit of work dumped on me, nothing I couldnt finish in a few minutes. Soon after that we were informed that the company had bought lunch, but we had to pick up our own drinks from the kitchen (which is very bare due to the move). Tim and I both got a beer out of the coke machine. The food consisted of a Subway platter of half sandwiches, crisps and giant cookies. So by midday I was pretty set up and hadn't even opened the work tracker software. Soon after that, six of us had a stroll across the road to the nice new offices. Theyre not entirely finished as there's still a front desk and furniture to go in. But the offices are reeeeeally nice. And the views are amazing. We can see some of the lake ( I say the lake as I dont know which one it is), on a clear day you can see the mountains, and we can see the whole Seattle skyline. So I'm very impressed. Photo's to come.

The office is slowly deteriating in to the atmosphere held on the last day of term before summer holidays. The CEO and Lead Programmer are throwing a football up and down the hall, three of the dev team are watching videos on the internet, the testers are still working, and I'm sitting here writing my blog. Pretty exciting times.

Oh right the kid in the office. That was actually a genuine incident, not just something I made up for a cliffhanger. As soon as I wrote saying I had to leave on a twisty end to keep you all on the edge of the seat, this two year old kid appeared next to my desk. It was the son of one of the workers (who I had no idea was even married). Scared the crap out of me. I literally jumped a foot out of my chair much to Lisa's ammusment. So that was a pretty good cliffhanger I felt.

I don't think there will be much work happening today. I feel like I'm coiling up for next week. Apparently I should be getting my IBM Thinkpad on Monday (Craig: Yoink!), which means I'll have Admin rights so I can have my own music, iTunes, DivX, wallpaper etc. and also be able to communicate with my phone without having to ask Blaine for a password each time, which would be nice.

So we'll be out for a few bevvies tonight to see off the old office. There's no football this weekend, so I'll go out to Seattle, take some photos of things to send back home. I owe some people postcards so I'll have to buy some of them, and some stamps I guess...

Big well done to my parents and Dave for winning a round in the pub quiz. And a hello to Huey who I forgot to tell I was going to Seattle.

I dont think I'll be bringing the laptop home.... actually I might cus that would save bagging and stickering it for removal. Ok well I'll post over the weekend.

I'm Outie.