Monday, January 30, 2006

New Offices

I apologise to all those of you who have been waiting all weekend for me to post on my blog (humour me here). But as we all expected the drinks carried on outside of the office and I ended up leaving my laptop in the locked office.

This was my loss more than anyones as I couldnt have been more bored this weekend. Unfortunatly, the weather was absolutley dreadful. I braved it on Saturday morning, under my own false pretence of making it in to Seattle Centre to sightsee. My camera and day bag were both in the office, and the weather was so bad, that the effort of going in to Town was pointless. So instead I walked to Barnes and Noble book store, browsed the expensive DVDs and Books, and in the end bought Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club). I had a sleep in the afternoon and could only afford the energy to stumble to the Hotel resteraunt. I had fish and chips and the waitress must have thought I was on a diet because I ate so little. I didnt want to complain that the fish was really unappetising. I think I watched TV the rest of the night.

Sunday was as adventerous. I walked in the pouring rain to see if there was anything North East of my hotel. There wasn't. I found a Burger King about 2 miles down 116th, which was handy because that's all I could bother eating. I walked in looking like I swam there. The car park was so flooded there was a raft of ducks (or paddeling of ducks, answers on a postcard) wading through. I ordered my stoopidly big burger, fries and the usual bucket-o-coke and she asked if it was to eat in or to go... I know it's always best to ask but sometimes it's ok to assume. How she figured I'd even make it to my convertable car without the ducks going for my burger I hadn't a clue. Figuring there was little civilization out in that part of the woods, I made the 30 minute walk back to Bellevue.

Today we officially moved in to our new offices. The sign in the foyer downstairs had a big welcome sign for the new tenants "SnapIn software". We suspect them messages will slowly deteriate in to
"Can SnapIn software please keep the noise down"
"Can SnapIn software please stop placing bins in the elevator doors"
"Can SnapIn software please refrain from using the term 'Git Her Dun!' in the foyer"
"Can SnapIn software please stop asking everyone in the lower floors 'if they'd care to join them for tasty tasty Pho'."
"We are pleased to announce the eviction of SnapIn software"

I should get my own laptop soon. With admin rights. This means I will have music, and Jess will probably get annoyed at the constant 'noise' of either Rammstein or Duke Ellington.



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