Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm back in the office. Bit of a weird start to the day as my laptop was very... well it wasn't there. In it's place was a postit from the CTO (Brian) saying he needed to use it and he'd left a replacement. Soooo I've spent all morning moving my settings over to this new laptop (i.e. bookmarks and my cool Seahawks wallpaper) and setting up my email... again.

So I'm back on track and now I'm waiting for Blaine (The guy incharge of scripting and client side stuff) to come in, give me admin rights on this laptop, install the bug tracking software and then show me how to track bugs. For now I'm drinking a rather nasty cup of tea.

Yesterday we had the usual small army of people going for lunch. We went to a place called "What The 'Pho", [edited 26/Apr/06] it is a Vietnemese meal I believe. It looks like a kebab soup to be honest, but it tasted really good, was full of beef, and was only $6.50 for the whole meal. The bowl was the size of a serving dish.

Last night after work I headed out to JCPenny and bought myself a rather dashing scalf and some big winter gloves. I didnt much like the looks of the hats there (and they were almost $20 for a plain Addidas cap). The top floor opens up to the rest of the mall (which I had no idea existed). It looked closed it was so empty. And there were no scallies! Some pretty good shops there, including an Apple store and this place called Sports something... Anyway it was like an American JJB. I bought a Seattle Seahawks cap so I can jump on the bandwagon here in Bellevue. It cost $20 but I had to get one... oh, sorry, it cost about $21.70 including Tax... so I had to get my wallet out again.

Went for a McDonalds last night... reflected how tired and imaginative I was feeling. I kept the receipt so I can claim in on expences. I just think it will be funny when the bursar guys see someone trying to claim back $5.13 on a Quater Pounder meal.

Forgot to go to Safeways/Pharmecy again, so I am still with cracked lips. Grrr.

The guys in the office are good conversation. Quite regularly quips through doorways end up becoming 6 man debates on the Google empire, or why David can't keep a girlfriend. All good fun.

Anyway, I'm off to walk about the office with my cap on backwards. It'll help me blend in.

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