Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hello everyone. Sorry I didnt post last night, but my boss wasn't around to tell me whether I could take the laptop back to the hotel. But the office is pretty quiet at the moment so I might aswell write something before I get given something to do.

The flight was fine, no problems at all. The guy who was supposed to be sitting next to me didnt show up so I had an ailse on one side and a dumping ground on the other which made the journey much more comfortable. Got fed well too! Passport control, luggage pickup, luggage dropoff (again) and luggage security (again) and finally luggage pickup, took a total of 45 minutes which I think is a pretty good run if not a new record.

I got picked up by the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in his Lexus SUV, and he and his wife took me out for a meal. We had one of those camp tip fishing waiters who was instantly on first name terms with us. And I got IDed when ordering a pint. Fortunatly I had just got off an international flight so my passport was handy.

My hotel is a typical 3 Star business motel. I can't really complain, except not driving makes it very hard to get anywhere. Even three blocks down the road would be quicker to drive (due to the car-centric traffic lights. If its a green man it means "cross but watch out for people driving"). I tried out the resteraunt last night before an early retirement. It was pretty nice, despite having to sit on my own with no paper or no book. Couldn't eat all of the food anyway, was way too tired.

The office is really nice. No doubt I'll have more pictures going up of the people here over the next month. The only problem is... *looks round for boss*... I havn't got any work as of yet. But that should change today. One of the guys who's name I've forgotten already but looks like a dad of a guy I knew in primary school should be throwing me in to the deep end some at some point. Still, I dont mind a challenge as I have plenty of time to work on it.

Lunch seems to be a pretty big event, as does mid morning coffee runs (which I'm yet to participate, partly because they have coffee in the office). Had a burito the size of a chicken yesterday. Im pretty sure I'll gain a couple of stone before I get back.

I need to find some clothes shops pretty soonish. Think I saw a JCPenny down the road but I cant remember if that's a blokes store or not... anyway the wether guys are pretty excited as Seattle is looking to break its current record of 33 consecutive days of rain. We're currently on 26 and the next five days looks like a forcast for Hull. They also predict snow, gales and storms. So I need some waterproofing, gloves, hat and tire chains... The TV said its illegal to go down 4th without tire chains... don't look at me like that, I thought it was funny.

That pretty much brings me to speed I think. I'll leave you with this enigmatic comment I just overheard this minute.

"How are you today?"
"God, If I were any better I'd need sunglasses"