Thursday, January 12, 2006

How's everyone doing. Sounds like my parents are evangelising this site so there might be a few more "Hellos". Still I hope everyone has as much fun reading this as I do writing it... swinging on my desk chair wearing a baseball cap backwards humming that song from Zulu.

Most important thing that happened yesterday was that I was in work till almost EIGHT PM!!! I was in at 8.30am that morning... sucker for punishment. Anyway it was entirely voluntary as when I get back to my hotel room, I usually get pretty bored and fall asleep about 9pm.

'The Guys' here say they're taking me out tonight to see Seattle's night life. I'm scared. But that'll probably take up the majority of the blog tomorrow... unless we don't go I guess.

We went out for lunch in a place called Teryiake (sp?), basically a simple place that seats a hundred and sells, you guessed it, teryiake. I got about 8oz of shredded beef, 8oz of sticky rice and a whole plate of lettuce. Not suprisingly I didn't finish it. And although I could have taken the rest away in a polystirene container, I didnt fancy mulling over beef and rice the whole day.

I've been out for a coffee on average 3 times a day, and I've only been to the same place twice. There is an insane amount of coffee shops here, but what's more suprising is that there could be more! Still, I've been swapping between Lattes, Mochas and Americanos, so it's not all been samey... Cus there's alot of difference bewteen these coffees... apparently.

Brian's wife Miele (sp?) brought me some tea bags. The tea bags them slef and teh hot water seem to be fine... It's the damn American milk that ruins it. They've got some weird 50-50 stuff, which tastes like cream but is as white as paint. Tastes kinda like piant too. I'm two steps shy of findinga cow, milking it and pasturising the milk myself. But before I do that, I'll try going to Safeways.

Erm, I think that's about it. I've been finding flaws in a new Mobile program and reporting them to a bug tracking server. Problem is that theres a new version every afternoon, so I have to find these problems pretty quickly before they sink to the bottom of the pile. Probably what I should be doing it now that it's 9am.... I'm outie.

PS: If anyone wants anything American bringing over let me know. Greg, I'll get you a Pats hat don't worry.

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