Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh, Canada

Hello again and welcome to another day by day guide on how to survive North West USA. Bruce and I arrived yesterday (Sunday) after a restless 9.5 hour flight (that didn't have video on demand). We headed up to Rock Bottom by the office after a shower to watch Eric, Reuben and Jesse play in a Guitar Hero 3 competition. Jesse made it to the finals but was beaten playing the incredibly fast "Knights of Cydonia" against a guy who probably doesn't get out too much.

EricG and JesseC at the Rock Bottom preparing for battle

This morning I managed to sleep in to a reasonable time despite the shattered remains of my body clock trying to wake me at 4am. Bruce and I got in to the office around 8am to meet the guys here. There's a lot of new faces which is pretty cool, and there's were even several people starting their first day today!

I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear Bruce and I went for lunch at Fatburger (why break the habit of a lifetime). It hasn't changed at all!

One of the big topics in the temporary UK office is the trip to Canada next weekend. Laura, Cristina, Shaun, Bruce and I are booked to take a weekend up to Vancouver on Friday so there's plenty of preparation to be done before then.

This evening we've got a bit of shopping to do: I have to buy stuff for the gym - like trainers (that's 'sneakers' for everyone else); and we also have to get some food for the apartment. After that we'll probably be going up to play pool in our old haunt, The Parlour. Sounds like there's a few parties coming up too... in our apartment.


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