Friday, October 12, 2007

Team building and playing Hard-To-Get™

Shaun and Kevin Allen

(clockwise around the table: Eric, Dave, Jesse, RachelC, Shaun, KevinA, Blaine and RachelV)

Well today is the end of our first working week in Bellevue and we've had another eventful 24 hours.

Yesterday we had our morning meetings which all went well. At lunch a couple of us went out to Joeys and with the intention of staying out there for the remainder. At first it was just Dave, Rachel, Blaine, Kevin, Shaun and I but later we were joined by Jesse, Reuben, Eric and Rachel V (the new girl). We had several drinks there, nearing the point when we'd all get kicked out for our escapades. Eventually we left and Eric, Jesse, Reuben, Rachel, Kevin and I all went to the pool hall for more drink and more food... and some pool, but not a lot. A good night was had by all and there were no accidents, emergencies or miscellaneous incidents! We're all concerned we might scare off the new Rachel, seeing as her first day on Wednesday was marred by Tuesday evening's events and since then she's seen the maddest behavior from everyone in her surroundings. It's not always this crazy, honest. It's only when us 'British Blokes' are here!

Before we headed out that afternoon, I had a look on a site called RazorGator for what they call Hard-To-Get™ tickets to the Seattle Seahawks game this Sunday (My Birthday). After talking to a couple of guys in the office I decided to take the plunge and bought Shaun and I tickets for the game. I was a little concerned as the process of getting the tickets seemed quite long and I didn't think I'd get the tickets before the game, so you can imagine my surprise when Laura, the receptionist, came in to the meeting room this morning with a FedEx envelope! So I am now in possession of two tickets to what will be my first professional American Football match this Sunday! And I'm really excited! If anyone is interested I'll be sitting in section 310.

There's nothing planned for the rest of the day but I think most people in the office are feeling quite delicate from last night. Tomorrow evening we might get out and meet up with Cristina but we'll see. Obviously Sunday will be awesome so expect some kind of mega post!

Go Seahawks!


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