Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The morning after the night before

Well it's 11.25 at the start of writing this post. I got in to the office at around 10.30 after having a 'lie in' (not even my alarm woke me this morning). No hangover, just tired.

Before I uploaded the post last night Dave, Kevin, Rachel, Shaun, Blaine, Joel, the new girl Cynthia and I went out for a few drinks and some food in some of the bars in Bellevue. I tried a few different beers and they were all pretty good. There was happy hour food as well so cheap eats. Whilst we were out, Joel invited Shaun and I out to the bar I mentioned in the last post. It was a Oirish bar called 'The Irish Emigrant'. Joel picked us up at our apartment at 10.30pm and drove us over there. He's a freelance photographer so covers some big nights in these bars as a way of drumming up interest. It has obviously been working as this place was packed. There was no queue or entry fee to get in, and they had a special Tuesday drinking deal where you buy one of their mugs for $5 and you can get it refilled with cheap student beer for a dollar (or five bucks for 'Wells' - which means a spirit and mixer). The queue for the bar wasn't too long, about three deep and 30 or so across. I'm not exaggerating here, it took us FORTY FIVE minutes to get a drink. It was the usual elbows out affair and stand at the front looking exhausted and angry, desperately trying to make eye contact with any of the four strong bar staff. The staff were pretty useless in the grand scale of things: more interested in singing show tunes and making small talk than serving. After getting my froth with a splash of beer for five dollars, we found Joel and exited shortly after. The bar it self was actually pretty nice, and I'd definitely be heading back over there another Tuesday and aim to get there early to take advantage of the cheap beer when there are no queues.

We headed out in to Seattle after that as Joel had to drop something off for a friend and then we went to Dicks Burger Diner before heading back home. Actually it's probably worth mentioning Dicks Diners impressive employment benefits package - The best I've ever heard of for a fast food! So I managed to get to bed for about 1.30am after our adventure in to Seattle. Was a lot of fun but was really tired afterwards. Hence the late start today.

This Saturday is the FA Cup Final which is being shown at 7am here. Will is going to buy the match on Pay Per View and has invited us over which could be a problem as we'll have to somehow get across Seattle at 6.30am on Saturday. Apparently it could cost $40 each way in a cab. Shaun has been toying with the idea of hiring a car but it's still a pipe dream. So we're not too sure what we'll do.

I should also mention to the readers at home that there are several people here in the office who subscribe to this blog (which is a bit weird) so don't expect any gossip! Otherwise my boss might come and shout at me... again :-)

Speak to you all soon!


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