Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not terribly interesting I'm afraid

Good evening!

I’m writing this in my hotel room of the fifth floor of the brigstow hotel in Bristol, on the first day of my week long business trip. As you may have seen, the site has undergone some changes to make it a little bit more personalised. Evntually I hope to have the blog completely personalised, but for now, please enjoy the blue!

I suppose I had beter start with how I got here. Well it was no mean feat. I got a tube from Richmond with the aim of changing on to the Circle Line at Gloucester Road around to Paddington. I had to change my plans when I arrived at Gloucester Road when I found the next train was not due for another 22 minutes. This was already after the District Line train almost breaking down in a tunnel and creeping its way back to the light of day (much to the relief of everone on board). So I had to go back to Earl’s Court and get a tube to Paddington from there. I needn’t have rushed as the Bristol Train was delayed by engineering work anyway! So 20 minutes behind schedule, I was on the train heading for the wrong side of Bristol. Upon arriving in Temple Mead, I had to get an expensive Hackney Carriage to the offices, complete with all my luggage. The taxi driver obviously wasn’t too keen on the long fare, but he went anyway. I thought he had got the better of me when we ended up five minutes down the M4 towards Swindon and London, until he eventually turned off towards ‘South Wales’. Before I was taken in to the very West Country, he chucked me out on a business park with a well branded entrance to the company I would be working with this week. So eventually I made it to Headquaters!

I rang Mr Lamsdale apon my arrival, and arranged to meet him on the top floor. When I got there, he wasn’t to be seen. So I rang again. He had mistakingly added a floor, and cirrected himself and said it was on the first floor instead. Still he wasn’t to be seen. Well you may have guessed the rest of this: The Taxi driver had taken me to the ‘other’ office about 2 miles down the road from my intended destination. What bugged me is that I don’t just say ‘this companies Headquaters’, I had explicitly given the exact address of the office I wanted to go to. He chose to ignore this, and just drop me off here anyway.

Richard picked me up in his car anyway, and it wasn’t long before we were busily working away in our new temporary offices. It was long and fairly ardeous. One of those situations when it takes you 30 minutes to connect to the internet and 2 weeks to get a days work done. We struggled through it and got a good days work out at the end.

By 8.30 we called quittin’ time, and Rhonda, Richard and I all crammed ourselves in to Richards little Alfa Romeo and followed the female voice of the GPS navigation system back to the Hotel, despite it insisting we drive through a taxi rank, through some bollards and nearly in to a river to avoid a one way system.

We ate in the resteraunt in the Hotel and had a drink before ‘retiring’. There’s no damn internet connectivity in the room yet (until I work out a way of paying for it), so this post is likely to go out Tuesday morning, when I’m in the office. Hopefully I’ll be able to post tomorrow before the evening!

Well I’m pretty beat now, and looking forward to some rest. Hopefully tomorrow I will have dropped the bland writing style and may be adventurous enough to write something a little more exciting! So you’ll have to forgive me today because it’s been rather long.

Speak to you all tomorrow!



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