Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't mention the "W" word

Hi Everyone,

Well I've managed to get connected to the interweb this evening. Probably won't get my money's worth out of it but still, it's nice to be able to catch up on personal emails and my daily reading digests. And of course be able to write this blog on the fly, as apposed to some regurgitated Word document I chucked on yesterday!

From the title you can imagine that today wasn't exactly 'easy', and as a result, I'm choosing not to go in to any detail or spend any time discussing it. In fact meerly mentioning it is too much of a compliment. However I will say that despite the difficulties, it's actually been fun. I'm sure something horrid will wipe the smile off my face soon enough. Maybe some glaring oversight on my behalf or a sudden shift in the project's climate that has a knock on effect not dissimilar to that film with Donnie Darko in it. Until that happens, I don't intend on missing out on one toilet humored, sarcastic, sly or downright uncalled for comment on any given occasion. Thankfully, Mr. Lamsdale seems to share the same mentality (ille est 'no mentality').

This morning was typical. After I impersinated a man of any mental capacity at 8am this morning on the phone to Richard I actually managed to get a shower and dressed for breakfast by just past 8.30. Not to let down our entire days guise of two overworked and underslept businessmen, we stared blankly in to the toast rack. Continental Breakfast was basic to say the least. Cereal, Juice, Tea, Toast, Bread, Coissantes, Pain de Chocolat, Cheese and Ham. I would have got my money's worth if I had at it for 30 minutes, but given the time restrictions, I had Tea and Cereal.

It was only past nine when we had contorted ourselves back in to the luxery confines of Richards 'classic' Alfa Romeo. Once again, 'E-Rhonda', or TomTom Navigation System, lead us most of the way back to the office. And by 8 something, we were back on the road, taking E-Rhondas heavily Motorway dependent route (pron. Root, Not Rowt). The little car had a sun roof, the kind that actually opens right the way back. That gave me a little bit more leg room.

Sooner than that we're all back at the hotel. I've got to make a bit more of a dent in the book Richard has lent me on the story of boo.com (which is quite interesting thus far, if not a little biased and self righteous), but I have to aim for an early night. The work day will be trimmed slightly tomorrow as we're having a big dinner with our client at the Hotel Du Vin. I think the invite list is around 20, so should be good fun at least, but will probably get long and messy towards the end. So we'll have to be up early tomorrow to get the work done before going out on the town!

In other news of interest, BBC Dave had his retirement shindig last night. Gutted I couldn't make it. Haven't heard anything of it so I'm guessing it was that good :) Second of all, Rachel a girl I lived with in Uni for two years has moved out to Spain... as in moved moved. Not gap year in the sun moved, but now permenant residence there. Pretty exciting really.

Well that's me for now... Gonna go get some sleep.

I'll try and post tomorrow, chances are there will be a more interesting post the day after.



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