Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sly Post

Just thought I'd quickly post between two things on the sly.

As you may have guessed, I'm back in Holland, but as apposed to Amsterdam as promised, I'm in Gronengen. It's way up in North Holland and it's actually quite a nice place. It's a busy University Town which has quite a big social life. Lots of people playing football in the streets and the whole town is decorated in Orange bunting for the World Cup.

The morning started in the worst possible way as my car never turned up to take me to the airport. I had to get the buses instead, so I was late for the flight. Luckily so was everyone else, so I got on with plenty of time before the gate closed (so I didn't have to run the 200m in 30 seconds with all my baggage). Thankfully everything from then went smoothly and required no rushing.

I had to get a three hour train journey from Schiphol under the airport direct to Gronengen. It was a good journey as there was plenty to look at through the window and I (smartly) bought lunch before hand to eat half way through the train journey. When I got to Gronengen I jumped in to a cab and got a 5 minute journey to the hotel (The NH Gronengen if anyones interested). Jeff from the States is also staying at the same hotel so I've been able to meet up with him for a catch up.

It looks like I won't be sleeping for the next few days for two reasons: One being that the work task is huge, and the other being that I'm only booked in this hotel for tonight and thursday night. Where I'm staying tomorrow is still a matter of debate as this place is booked up. I think there's a convention next door or something. I'll let you know where I end up but it's going to be very awkward trying to work around moving between hotels.

Me and Jeff went out for an early-ish dinner as apparently yesterday everything closed early and we were afraid we would miss out. We went to a 'pub' on the main square and had pretty good food. Everyone seems to speak near perfect English which helps alot as I always feel guilty for not knowing a word of Dutch.

It's almost 10pm now but to me it's 9 and what's even weirder is that its amazingly bright outside. I've had to close the curtains as it's confusing me. I think I might stay up quite late tonight and get round to starting some bits and bobs before getting kicked out of my room tomorrow. It's too painful to think about.

In other news; I will be returning on Friday on an afternoon flight. I will then be flying back out on Monday for one night and returning to the UK on Tuesday. Don't ask why 'cus I don't know.



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