Friday, April 21, 2006


Sorry about that folks, I completely forgot to post yesterday as we were super busy getting things prepared for today. And today has been pretty much a complete miss anyway. So I'm just squeezing a quick post in before I have to finish up everything that needs to be done by the weekend!

Yesterday was pretty much 'keep everything from spilling' day. I had about three projects on the go at once and it wasn't any fun at all. I had to pull a 12 hour day and at the point I would have usually posted on my blog, I had to shoot off and do something else. So sorry about that. Still there really wouldnt have been much to report.

Today we had a 'staff quaterly meeting' where Bob, the CEO, gives us a run down on the profile of the company in the same sense as shown to the board. The good thing about these meetings is that everyone comes along and there's pizza involved. I didn't have any as I had already filled up on coffee, tea and energy drinks all morning.

After a quick round of table tennis against Julian we had Southpark in the dev corner. After that I got a load more work done before pretty much everyone called it a day and decided on 'Daniels' for after work drinks.

We got there in good time to enjoy most of happy hour, but without being too horrible, it was terrible. I've never been in a drinking establishment that I've wanted to get out of early. My first drink was an IPA and that was probably the worst beer I've ever tasted. Ot wasn't even ressemblent to an IPA. So after I lost all faith in American Beer/Ale/Bitter I switched straight to Whiskey Cokes. After finishing one, I was enjoying myself enough to get another. After trying to get service (table) for about 30 minutes, no exaduration, I gave up and spent a further ten minutes trying to get my tab. Needless to say, "Ana" didn't get much of a tip. It got me so angry I had to leave Dave, Linda and Kev early. I'm pretty sure I've never been in a situation where people have been asking me to stay, offering me drinks and the like, and actually wanted to leave more. I would have loved to stay and had a drink with them anywhere else, but the waitress wound me up so much I couldnt face spending another penny there. So thats pretty much added a sour note to my whole week. It'll probably taint my whole weekend too. And if the guys take it personally next week then I'll have a whole load of making up to do aswell.

As usual I have no plans for this weekend. Jess offered to give me her number in case I got bored and wanted to meet up and do something, but as I went to that blasted bar, I never got a chance to get her number. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be entertained plenty with the mission of finding somewhere to clean my clothes. At this rate, I'll probably work Saturday and Sunday to stop myself from getting too bored!

So I've got a whole week of work next week. Joy. All I'm hoping is that I don't have to battle with any more terrible waitressing. Seems to be the only thing that can ruin my days right now!

Hope to hear from you all soon!



Mariana wants to comment =) said...

oh kev! im very sorry about the ana issue, and i gotta say... i felt so touched, ive been through experiences like that with waitresses/sellers/drivers etc and i understood so well what you said about wanting to leave and having your weekend...err...kinda ruined because of the stupid issue that somehow, just got to the root of your nerve...

hope you forget it soon =) for the sake of a good mental health!

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