Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nearly forgot there....

Wow that was close. I nearly forgot to post today. So I guess you'll be reading this on thursday morning... Does anyone still read this? Ah well, I can just talk to my slef anyway!

Had another interesting day. Two new employees started today, one guy, Jake, will be a Patent Engineer and Technical Program Manager and a lady called Nancy will be VP of Product Engineering. Not entirely sure how they fit in as far as dev and test are concerned, but they seem amicable enough! On the same note, I'll be making a rather large step in my career next week as I will be assisting in conducting interviews for two interns! So they're gonna have to impress me to get a job. Blaine and Joel will be running the interviews though and Blaine's already emailed out a proposed plan for these interviews and I would only give this advice to candidates: "Abandon all hope at the elevator". This is going to be one painful 30 minutes.

So I've got to think up a few logic questions, maybe some sample code problems... that sort of thing. All very exciting stuff!

Unfortunatly I didn't get my cash advance today, but Dianne gave me $20 again to get me through today and tomorrow morning. There will definatly be drinks this week so as long as I'm sorted for that!

I was quite suprised earlier this afternoon to get several blank expressions when I said "Taking the p***"... Apparently they've never heard of this saying in America, nor the Mic and Michael variations. That just confused them more. So I had to try and explain what I meant by "You better be feeling better by end of t'week, 'cus otherwise that cold is taking the p***". They had no idea what I was going on about. I guess the only way to translate that would be "Making a mockery", but that really lacks the ring. I was quite disappointed, not to mention embaressed!

As always, the only bad thing about being here is this damn reading book! If anyone would be kind enough to find Markus Zusak and demand my $16 and 3 hours of my life back, that would be greatly appreciated ;-) But really, I'll have to find another book, and then burn this one to stop me from reading any more. To put it in perspective, I think Dianne Steele would throw this book down and call it trashy.

Managed to get some coding done today. In my typical fashion, within 10 minutes of starting I'd pretty much solved the problem and finished my code... just a matter of building it up now!

So, all pretty good this side of the pond :)

Keep in touch!


PS: Added some more 'fun' stuff on the right of the blog. Check out the webcams, and that Quote will change most days... enjoy!


Mariana wants to comment =) said...


i was bored and found your blog in my links and thought that maybe you still wrote since you were back in bellevue and it was true! =)

i gotta say im a little pissed cause i had to register to comment, but oh well... now i'll comment every single post of yours, cause i just read them all and im sure i had something to say about many of them =) so hey well at least you know i read this..

have you got an address so i can send you somethin? if so, email it ;) so i can surprise you...

ok well... i'll head back to the other posts so i can reply properly...

see ya!

mariana =)

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