Thursday, April 27, 2006

I suck

Hey, late post today I'm afraid, so you'll be reading this first thing in the morning in the UK I guess. Don't you people have work to do?

Hmmm, stuff that happened today? I got in later than usual today 'cus I thought it would be a great idea to watch Eddie Izzard last night till 1.30am. Was rudely woken by the maid knocking on the door at 8.30 for housekeeping. This must have been a practical joke as they hardly ever come round before 10am... unless they've learned my daily routine. Well the paper was still out side my door so they could have put that one together. Anyway, it got me out of bed, I think that's the important thing.

Joel took a break from his paternity break again today to come in and help out with interviewing the next two victims internship applicants. I don't know how much I should really talk about employment here, so Brian cover your ears :p Applicant A looked good on paper and Applicant B looked a bit so-so on paper. Much to Dave's delight (suffering "I-told-you-so-itus") these predictions got flipped on their head. And much to Blaine, Joel, Jess, Dave, Brian and Kevin's amusement (and admitidly mine--Will would have laughed but I didn't tell him), one applicant did so well they even spotted my bonus 'diliberate mistakes' in my coding question... OK, so they weren't deliberate, I just got pwned by an intern on for-loops. Hence: I suck :p

Brian set me a bit of a challenge. In fact he gave me two. One was to research the bizzare and wonderful world of Arabic UTF-8 text ("Oooooh!") and how it renders with Western characters slapped in the middle... Well it sounds like fun to me. And the second challenge is to survive another week in America. So my Mum's speculation/instinct/wishes that I would be out of the house for a month are founded. Now alls I have to do is get another cash advance so I can pay for food, baseball and dental hygeine products... Oh, God, I'm becoming one of them!

Well to help distance myself from our loveable, 4x4 driving cousins; I think I should point out the common things my colleagues this side of the pond pull me up on.
  1. They say I have girl's handwriting. I say they're just jealous.
  2. They say I have bad spelling in my blog posts. I say they're 'colloquialisms'
  3. They say England have witchdoctors instead of dentists. I say my dentist, Ted in The Old Goat, will pull a wisdom tooth for £10 and a packet of Wotsits and he's never practiced witchcraft.
  4. They say they don't understand my British idioms. I say they should open their King Lears, shut they're boats and listen when I rabbit.
  5. They say the British drink to much. I say 'lightweights' :p
Well, I haven't got any pictures to post today, and I was on a pretty good roll there. Ah, well maybe tomorrow.

See ya later!


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