Friday, February 03, 2006

To make up for yesterday

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I bet you all got really worried where I was or if I'd been finally run over by one of the pedestrian friendly cars of Bellevue. Fortunatly I'm ok. I was just super busy yesterday... honestly.

Nothing happened on Wednesday anyway. I went to Fatburger after staying in the office till 8.30pm. So nothing special. Yesterday was a little mor eventful as it was fairly busy. Today is supposed to be code complete day, which means we should have finished the whole project and nothing but refinements and bug corrections should be made from now on. I don't know how close that is to the truth, but I know there's certainly things for me to do.

The most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that I bought my webcam. Cost me $30 (+Stoopid Tax) and its pretty spiffy. Its mounted on my cubicle wall facing out to the corridor so I can see whose coming and going. I'll post any decent pics I find. I left the motion detector on last night, so evertime something moved, it took a photo. I have a pretty good account of every one who came and went last night, including several cleaners and a handy man complete with tool belt who looked very lost. I think it will proove alot of fun. I even tried broadcasting the footage across the work network, but it was delayed by several seconds and was as interesting as... well as intersting as an office webcam. Additionally it nearky crippled my computer so no more of that.

After work me and Blaine got (yet another) burger from a place North East of here about 4 miles down 116. In fact it was opposite the Burger king I went to last Sunday ("Ooooh, THAT place" I hear you all cry). It was a pretty good sports bar. I had there special of the day, Mushroom Burger. I didnt eat the salad. Blaine and I decided to hot town tomorrow (Saturday). We'll probably go to the office in the morning, get some work done, the weather providing will go to the astroturf down the other end of Bellevue and throw a football about. After that he said he'd give me the two hour tour of Seattle. I'll take all my pictures of the Emerald City then, and grab some post cards. I might even buy myself a Seahawks shirt for the big game on Sunday,

I said Seattle was Seahawk crazy last week, its phenominal today. Everybody on the street is wearing something Seahawk. Even me and my hat. When we went down for coffee earlier, we left the lift as a business man with his face painted blue and green got in. It's kinda how I imagined England to look if we got to the World Cup final. Chippolte, an American/Mexican chain in Seattle are giving free tacos to anyone wearing Seahawks apparel. So I'll be sure to check that one out. Linky. (Under Feed that spirit).

I'll be going to the Steel Pig again on Sunday. I'm sure there are plenty of other decent sports bars nearer. In fact I'm sure there aren't any further than the Steel Pig... but as long as Kev is the only person I know who's going out to see it, thats the only place I'll be going. Why break tradition I guess!

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