Saturday, January 21, 2006


Hello All.

I've taken the liberty of posting to my blog as soon as I got up this morning. Well it's the afternoon now as I got up kinda late. Wasn't a late night or anything, just managed to sleep alot.

A good 8 of us went out for lunch yesterday to a place called Mediteranian Kitchen, which sold greek and turkish meals. It was really good food. Probably the best lunch I've had so far. The portions as usual were huge, and even with my newly found state sized appetite, I left a modest half to take home in a ploysterine box. That was dinner.

Work didnt have anything exciting to offer, I remained to feel ill most of the day and my work was beginning to look harder, but I got a good load done so it wasn't a wasted day.

We went out for drinks last night as Joel is leaving for Hawaii today. In fact he should be on the plane about now-ish. He'll be gone for two weeks, so for that time I will have to continue to write Unit Tests on his behalf with Jess. We tried to go the Taphouse, but obviously most of Bellevue had the same idea. We were told that we might be able to be given a table in the resteraunt area, provided the manager could fit us all in somewhere. So we decided to go some place else, and ended up in the cheesecake factory. We reckon that Bellevue still has some old law stating that a bar cannot measure any more than so many feet squared as this bar was also full. But we were given a table for 10 and presented with a menu. When we were asked if we were out for a meal or just dessert, Kevin put it best saying "Actually, I think we're just here for the drinks" which apprently wasn't a problem as a whole 6 pages of the menu were dedicated to Del-Boy drinks. The waitress was trying her hardest to be a food waiter despite meerly being subjected to bar work. She told me what was in everydrink after I had ordered it. Typically I felt like changing my mind as soon as she mentioned the first ingredient. Why would I order something I wasn't aware of what's inside? She even told me how popular the pint I had chosen was. "It's popular? Oh, god no, give me something despised by everyone". God knows how much the drinks cost or how much tip she got as Brian swooped in to pay the bill. Was very nice of the company I must admit.

So after several drinks and a few slices of cheesecake, we went back to the office to carry on working (at about 9pm). Still think that's weird. I left soon after that as I couldnt make myself look busy, picked up some snacks from the local Safeway and headed back.

I have to go and find either a laundrette that will take a bag-o-washing for a one off price or a laundr-o-mat where I can do it myself. The Hotel offers a laundry/pressing service but they price each item individually at a price of about $4 a shirt. I assume this is the last desperite measure that someone would use to get a suit cleaned minutes before a meeting. Not really suited for a patron of almost a month.

Oh by the way: Brian gave me a ball park figure of when I'll be on my way back. It'll hopefully be after a product delivery (so that I will have seen the whole life cycle) which is due for about the 13th Febuary. So I've still got a while in me yet!

-Eyb Eyb

PS: Mum and Dad will probably see Brian before reading this. So hopefully he'll have said hello for me. Should have sent some washing back like a student.


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