Friday, January 20, 2006

Late morning

I would first like to point out that yesterday I ate what I would usually eat in a week. We went out for Pho (again) and I had something slightly different this time. Basically it came with a slightly different completely illegal cut of beef. I demolished it twice as fast as anyone else there. I even got a donut on the way back to the office.

I sat in front of the laptop begging bluetooth to start working again all afternoon so I could carry on working. Eventually got to the stage where I could continue testing. After getting involved with a new part of the code, I quickly fell down the rabbit hole and by 7pm I was so deep in code I didnt know what to do with myself. So a couple of the guys were heading out to their respective homes for dinner before returning to work about 9. I got a lift back to the hotel and decided not to return to work later mostly because of the logistical nightmare of trying to get back in the office block without keycards.

I saw the lady at reception and she gave me a new keycard for my room withpout a problem. After crashing infront of "Killer Squid" on the Discovery Channel for several minutes, I decided I was still hungry. I managed to get myself back out the door, with both keycards and returned the new one to the front desk before trekking across Bellevue to 'FatBurger: The Last American Burger Stand'. I ordered a 1/2lb Burger with cheese, a large fries and large coke and ate the whole thing in under 10 minutes. That's not right at all.

I managed to go to sleep without watching Southpark. I watched a documentry on American Presidents in the 19th Century instead. I didn't get up this morning till 9am, so made another mad dash in to work for 9.20. No one was in and I was feeling pretty hungry still, so I've been out to Jamba Juice and am a third through an original Mango Mantra with a Energy Boost. Probably should have had a health boost.

Looks like it will be a slow day on my behalf, as I'm feeling pretty bad and I'm only going to throw myslef at Kevs C++ code again. Dunno what I'll do thsi weekend, but sure as hell I'll be watching the Seahawks game on Sunday! A win takes us to the Superbowl!!

Peace out.


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