Sunday, October 04, 2009


We've been socialising a lot this week, and we've been looking forward to a 'relaxing' weekend. The night in the George and Dragon was a long one. After a few drinks there we went for a curry (and it was actually pretty good!) and after that we went to Duck Island Ale House for a few more beverages which was a lot of fun. They have a really good jukebox (that even had Slayer) and a couple of Pinball tables. We got home fairly late obviously.

On Friday we arranged to have a 'leaving' party for JesseC and RachelC as it's their last week working for the company. I was pretty broken from the night before so I limited myself to just one drink whilst everyone else enjoyed Super Sonic Gin and Tonics or Super Stoked Rum and Cokes. We had some food there before heading back to the office to play Rock Band and have a small party there! There should be some photos by Joel coming from that soon! RachelV and I realised our dream of starting a Weezer tribute band, that so far is limited to a drunken acapella cover of 'Say it ain't so'. CDs might be available soon.

Yesterday there was a lot of talk of the two Rachels taking Shaun and I to Portland, OR. However, neither of us could face spending 8 hours of our day on a round trip for probably two hours of shopping. Instead we had lunch in a Southern restaurant (Louisiana, Creole sort of food) which was pretty different. Was good to have some original food. After that, the four of us had a walk around Capitol Hill area, and then had a couple of games bowling. We had to stop as RachelC and I were completely distracted by the Washington Huskies vs Notre Dame (College Football). It was a very exciting game and went in to over-time but the Huskies lost unfortunately.

RachelV told us about this excellent ice cream shop called Molly Moon's which is an excellent hang-out right in the university district. We also went to a cupcake store with a similar colour-scheme called Trophy, where I was very tempted to buy some of their merchandise (not the cupcakes).

After our little delve in to sweet boutiques, we went to probably the strangest store in Seattle. It was mostly novelty and joke items, but there was also the strangest collection of random tat organised in to drawers and bath tubs. After laughing at almost everything in the store, I bought mum a prezzy and we then went to go support our local University sports team again!

Now it's not just me, and most of the people at the arena thought that same, but at some point they changed the rules of Volleball. Used to be you had to win service to score points, and you only had to get 15 points per set. Either way, this didn't seem to put of the University of Washington Huskies Women's Volleyball team as they won their THIRTEENTH game in straight sets (3-0) only going down in points once in the entire match. The arena was massive, but probably only had 5,000 there. It had it's fair share of 'typical' American sports culture. The crowd were draped in team colours, and shouted "Point. Huskies." after every home score. To our amusement, the announcer was obliged to announce visitor scores as well, but with nearly no enthusiasm. He just whispered "Point. Arizona" on the rare occasion they scored. There was a band playing between sets and during time-outs, and in the third and final set, a steward threw out hotdogs every time the Huskies scored, but their weak throws never made it past the frat boys in the bleachers. It was a lot of fun over all though!

We went to a German bar afterwards where they were celebrating Oktoberfest, and by celebrate I mean rapidly selling out of everything. We didn't have much there though, and Shaun and I were back in the apartment by midnight after a very long day!

So today we're taking it pretty easy. The Seahawks are currently been beaten convincingly by the Colts and I think Shaun and I will be going shopping a little later on. Need new shoes.

Well this has been a huge post, sorry. Will have to write less and more often in the future!


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