Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Shaun, Kyle, RachelV, RachelC and I went to play pool in our old haunt, The Parlour yesterday. It's changed a lot since we were last there, but the food is still good. The two Rachels started out with the usual 'I'm not very good' approach, followed by a steady progression to fully-pro. Hustlers.

Today we're going back to Fatburger to attempt the 'Triple King Challenge' where you have to eat a one pound burger with all the toppings as quickly as possible. Well at least Shaun thinks he's up for the task. I'm not sure I'll be hungry enough so will be there for moral support instead.

The plan later is to go to an area called Ballard for our leaving drinks. Could be emotional as it's never clear if we'll ever get permission to fly over again. Hopefully we'll stay sensible, and I'll try to upload some pictures as that's something that has been missing from the blog this trip!

Will try and post before we head back tomorrow!


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