Sunday, May 13, 2007

Noe Shews

I'm currently lying on the sofa in our living room, between meals and playing tonnes of adventure games. The weather hasn't impressed today and after a Saturday spent shopping, indoors seemed more appealing. Since I last updated you all on the comforts and tribulations of our corporate furnished apartment, work has been occupying me most of the time. Needless to say there has been all sorts going on around and during the work day but I can't say anything 'worth writing home about' has occurred.

Shaun and I went to QFC yesterday which is the other Supermarket in this area. As with Safeway, we signed up for a club card. Shortly after being handed the club card and application form in bona fides, I lost the application. The card's still valid though, but they just won't be able to mail Chutneys restaurant (whom our apartment shares an address, honest) with flyers. We bought as much food and supplies as we thought we could carry, and managed to drag it back to the apartment with the usual odd looks from drivers seeing two pedestrians carrying "a lot" of shopping. The shop is somewhere between Safeways and Whole Foods in quality and choice, but we managed to find everything we needed. We even picked up breakfast for today! "British Sausages", "Boar Head" bacon, eggs and astonishingly "Heinz Beans". Not Baked Beans. Just Beans. Same thing inside though. For lunch we made toasted sandwiches which went down pretty well. The day went for good to better when I successfully managed to complete not one but two washes with the top loading washing machine. Dinner was a pork and rice effort which despite lacking planning, was pretty good.

We went out to the mall later in the afternoon to look for cheap clothes. On the way we found an iPod vending machine which was a bit weird. We found lots of decent cheap clothes in the department stores and I'll definitely be heading back there to pick up some shorts and shirts. Shaun had also bought some jeans the last time he was out here so we went up to JCPenny to see if they had any good deals on jeans again. It would appear they just have a rolling sale where they offer 'buy one, get one half price' (or BOGOHP maybe). Known for my amazing originality, I picked up a pair exactly the same as the pair I bought there a year ago, except in a darker blue. Aware that my fashion sense was achieving all new heights of originality, I also bought some shoes from Sketchers. Ok, they were exactly the same as the last pair I bought there last year, but they're a different colour! (Pictures to come no doubt). In my defense, I will probably go and buy some more clothes at some point. The good part was that the jeans were $48 reduced to $36, and so we got the two pairs for $54, working out as $27 each (= £13.50). On top of that my shoes cost $68, brought down to $58 as they had some deal on. So £30 for shoes. So my grand shopping trip of a decent pair of jeans and a decent pair of shoes, without threatening my well established appearance came to about £50 including tax, coffee and god-knows-what-charges on my credit card.

After a lie in this morning, my only concern (other than a cup of tea) was to find out the Premiership results. This was shortly followed by breakfast. We broiled the US made British sausages and sacrificed fried the bacon. It was pretty good but things generally taste funny here and I'm hoping I don't get too used to it.

Work tomorrow should be on track as it has been all last week. I wouldn't like to say we're ahead of schedule yet but it's looking good. I will endeavour to bring you some proper updates regarding the office next week!

Well I think I've bored myself and distracted you all from whatever it is you should be doing whilst reading this. If nothing interesting happens in the next few days, Shaun and I will start causing trouble and see if that makes for good reading!

Bye for now!


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