Monday, May 01, 2006

Another Brief Post

Hey all,

I'm afraid it'd going to be another short post today as I've been kinda distracted with work and conversations etc today.

Yesterday Jess and I went to the cinema to see "Stick It", a film about gymnastics. Pretty much a girl's film but it was bearable and had its good moments. Then we got ice cream, and I had too much and couldn't finish it :p I even bought some clothes which I'm showing off at the moment in the office.

Today's been pretty much work. I got in about 8.30 and did email and general housekeeping for a few hours before people started arriving. Jason arrived today and has been cruising the office most of the day. I think he's trying to gather people for drinking already, I think it would be rude of me not to go :p

Joel's back in the office from today and he's brought 'Guitar Hero' for PS2 in. So now people keep occasionally going in to the room opposite me to play afew rounds. It's very ammusing, but I'm not very good. I'm sure I'll get better eventually, depending on how long it's here. Joel plays it alot at home (and it shows) so I guess he'll want to take it back eventually.

So its just gone 6pm here and already the works slowing up. I need to steal people's brains tomorrow to get some of my major project done, but until I get that, Brian's given me a few side projects to keep me busy!

I'll catch up with all you tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Ow! Albert, what have you done with the view from the WebCam "de Hill I walk up-like".

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