Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Penultimate Day

Well it's nearly my last day in the States. One more night left in the Bellevue Red Lion. All coming to an end. I'm not overly concerned, nor upset. I think the fact I still have four days in Barcelona to go doesnt really make it feel like going home. Still, I'm looking forward to next Monday when I do finally return home. Until then the work hat stays on, and I'm still a bit nervous about being 'the tech guy' for the company during an International Convention. I've already told the guys here that I'll be on the phone to them consistantly.

In true fashion of someone looking forward to going home, I stayed in the office till 7.30 last night filling in my expense forms. Later Kev and I went to Chipolte (that mexican chain that gave out free food). People complain that it's not authentic mexican food. I would argue that a Mexican has probably never had authentic mexican food, but here, unless its cheaply presented refried beans on a flour tortilla, its not authentic. Still, I enjoyed it, and despite having processed hundreds of expenses minutes prior to going out, I forgot to get a receipt for my meal. D'oh!

Almost got locked out of the building after that. I left my laptop, bag and jumper in the office so I wouldnt have to lug it to dinner. When I got back to the front dorr of the building it was locked. Never fear the side door is usually always open during weekends. It was locked aswell. So with no phone, and only my pass key to hand I set about breaking in to the garage. Fortunatly for me there was a side access door to the car park, and what was more fortunate was that my wavey access card (like and oyster card) actually opened the door. I then had to pass another two wavey card doors before getting to the office! Yes I was humming the mission impossible theme tune in my head.

Nine of us went out for lunch today. I was reminded that I was to buy Snakebite materials for tomorrow. I don't think any of us will be getting squiffy, its just a sampler session. Will be a nice way to leave this lot, drunk on Snakebite.

I'll be bringing this laptop to Barcelona with me so I may decide to continue posting for a few extra days, lucky you. I'm sure I'll be pretty busy though, so no promises of any adventures.

I better go now as I have a meeting in 20 minutes to discuss how all the phones are getting to Barcelona and how they will be charged.



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