Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Adventures

I posted yesterday via my mobile interweb as the hotel's free wireless access didnt seem to like me. I think I need admin rights on this machine so that I can reset the connection. You have to have a username and password for each session, and it wont let me start a new one. Bugger.

Anyway, I'm back in the office, Sprite and Curly, avec une cafe mocha. It's Martin Luther King Jnr Day, so alot of people are taking a holiday (It's not a national holiday, but people choose to take one of their several days off today). I think it will be a slow and unproductive day. There aren't any new builds out, and I've been messing with the phone all weekend to no avail. The Dev team don't get in till after 10ish, so I won't know which of them is in today to moan at.

A new girl started in the office this morning. Think her name was Jen. I really have to start paying attention to people's names. Anyway, she was being shown round by the middle brass and had the politeness to laugh at their jokes (and obviously not the sense to run at the encore). She'll be on the Dev team so I'm sure she'll be initiated the same way I was i.e. taken to What the Pho for a number 6.

I guess I should elaborate on the weekend. I arranged to meet up with Kev in a bar on "90th on Aurora" which would be translated as "Where road 90 meets Aurora, otherwise known as 99". So $40 later in a cab I make it there on my own. And Kev isn't there which is fine cus he said he wouldn't be there early. Unfortunatly the cab arrived way too quick and was rather quick getting there. So although I made it for kickoff, I was on my own for nearly 2 hours. Anyway, he turned up and we were winning so that was fine. Was a really good atmosphere as there were over 100 people screaming everytime the Seahawks had the ball. We won the game, much celebration etc. Then me and Kev went to another bar to meet up with some of his friends. Turns out this place was a gay bar, but it was a decent place. We spent a bit of time in there and four of us went for a meal in a posh resteraunt. Turns out its quite well known as even Lisa in the cubicle next to me has heard of it. It was very good food and excellent service. I got a cab back to the hotel at about 10 so I had a good whole day out.

Yesterday I kinda slothed infront of the tele watching Football. I went out for a pizza in a resteraunt for lunch which was ok except I was kinda annoyed by the waitress. She was very spritey but she took the liberty of 'rounding up my bill' to $15 from $14.25. So that cane out of her tip. Don't think I'll be rushing back there too soon. But the pizza was good. Pizza Express toppings on a pizza hut base really :s

So that kinda brings me up to speed. (taken me 40 mins to write this. people might start getting suspicious) I'll leave this here for now, I might post twice in one day today, just to bore you all.



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