Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I can't really think of a clever title for this post yet. I'm not too sure what I'm going to write so excuse any repetition, hesitation... or repetition.

For the second day in a row I was unable to debug the phone software, as Will is putting it through a complete over hawl. So I should get a stable enough version to test in a few days or next week. The other good news in that Mahyar has managed to get a version running on a new Motorola operating system based on nix. That's the project I'll be bringing over to the UK, so its important I keep up with that.

We all went out for lunch. And by we I refer to the extended group of nine development team members, including the new girl, Jess. We went for a Thai which was really good, and served really good portions. I even had enough to get a little tub to bring home. Was $10 but I think it was worth it. Oh, speaking of which I got some of my pay advance (woohoo). So that's all hunky dory, and I can leave my bank account in the UK alone for a while.

The one good start I made yesterday was learning how to write unit tests. After lunch, Joel headed a meeting to partition who would be doing his work whilst he's in Hawaii. After that he showed me and Jess how to write the code. An hour later I'd finished my task so I finished up work and as promised went to the mall.

New paragraph for a new location or new conversation you see. It's kinda like a fade out between scenes. Anyway, the mall was empty as usual (painting the scene now)and was sparsly populated with other people who looked like they weren't going to buy anything either. They were browsing not shoplifting. I walked around in circles for an hour or so. Went in to the department stores and had a look at the expencive shirts, not so expensive shirts and the downright second hand shirts. Wasn't too impressed with anything there, and I was pretty hungry. I didnt really fancy going to a resteraunt, and was toying with the idea of stopping in at McDonalds. Thankfully I was never tempted by walking past it, and went back to the hotel and ate my left over noodles with two coffee stirers for chopsticks. Very little can come between a hungry resourceful man and left over Thai.

I went to the hotel resteraunt and I think it's probably the best resteraunt I've been to on my own over here. Fast service, decently priced and a short walk from my room. I had clam chowder to start and then a 8oz steak with potatoe wedges and veg for main course. And I demolished the whole lot. I was that hungry! I have no idea why.

I stayed up till midnight last night watching Southpark. I would have gone to bed earlier but they showed the episode where Kenny has his photo taken in his Parker upside down... if you've seenthe episode you know why I had to watch the whole thing.

I got in on time this morning but missed breakfast/coffee cus I knew I'd have to buy something to eat aswell, and the 'food' they sell in coffee shops are mostly sweet and unhealthy. If they are healthy they are ridiculously overpriced.

So I'm on plan B at the moment, and drinking a can of coke at 9.30 in the morning. I might go and buy a loaf of bread and sandwich fillers later as a cheaper and more filling alternative to buying a sandwich.

Today I expect to be writing more Unit Tests which is cool cus I get to program. I doubt I'll be in the office late tonight unless something spectacular happens.