Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Beginning to see a pattern emerge

As I predicted, yesterday was a slow and unproductive day. I did manage to find three or four bugs so I got my work done overall, but I had plenty of time around playing with the lovely Nokia 6630. We went out to "What The Pho!" again, and again everyone had a number 6. The new girl (called Jess, not Jen) didn't join us as she was still settling in.

I finished work about 5pm as I really couldnt even pretend to be working by that stage. I even spent 15 minutes writing a joke circular memo. I watched TV last night and messed about trying to get the laptop online to little avail. I ran out the hotel in the rain at 7.30 to KFC (what was I thinking) and ran back to watch 24. I never thought I'd be so bored that the highlight of my evening would be the 5th season of an american drama Ive never watched before. And especially to the extent I'm running to a KFC in the rain in order not to miss it. It wasn't even a nice KFC, it was one that was also a TacoBell. I'm still due a pay advance so I'm not eating luxery at the moment.

I'm also trying to sort my expences at the moment. I have receipts of over $100 'owed' to me. And it looks like I wont get anything back till the end of my trip when I may have to hand in all my expences at once. That'd throw my mental account balance to the sheets.

So in an attempt to combat boredom, I am going to go to the mall this evening, and spend money. Yes I can see what your all thinking: "You're down to your last $10 and no cash advance. You can't spend money!" Well Brian is getting my advance today (I was supposed to get it yesterday at Lunch but he got called in to a meeting as we were going) and I really don't fancy leaving myself subject to American TV again. I might end up watching American Idol or Skating with Celebrities *shudder*. So I can buy a book, or a DVD (if I have the laptop), I could go and watch a film in the cinema, get a McDonalds, visit the Apple Store, ponder over buying a games console of some kind (seriously, Im that bored) or just do some milling about looking like a scally. Oh the fun that awaits me.

Well I'm gonna go find out why this latest build does squat. I'll look forward to speaking to you all later.

I'm Outie